On Starkhafn Soil

by Colette la trouvere

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This track was written for Starkhafn Anniversary 2014.

Starkhafn is a Barony in the Kingdom of Caid. Caid is a Kingdom in the Society for Creative Anachronism. For more information on the SCA, go to SCA.org.


The dust blows across the way.
The heat pushes through the day.
Oh barren land, what oasis do you hold?
Your sun shines down on Starkhafn soil.

Brave warriors cross the desert
To defend the Crescent flag,
Banners in the dust storm, flying high,
And the sun shines down on Starkhafn soil.

O Elspeth, O Baroness,
With your wisdom, your barony bless.
Michel Philippe, your men and women lead,
And your love shine down on your barony.

Starkhafn, O Desert Jewel,
Oasis in the sand,
Your glory shines brighter than the sun
That shines down on Starkhafn soil.
May the sun shine down on Starkhafn soil.


released September 23, 2015
Written and performed by Lady Colette la trouvere



all rights reserved


Colette la trouvere Los Angeles, California

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